Life and Disability

3-life-diPersonal Life and Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance helps to ensure that your family and loved ones are protected against financial difficulties in the event of an untimely death. Combined with investments, retirement and estate planning, life insurance is a fundamental part of a sound financial plan. The Summit Group of Oregon provides you with the most competitive, highest quality, and lowest cost life insurance programs possible. We work with the best life insurance companies in the world and are confident you will be satisfied with our plans and services.

How much life insurance should I have?

There are many and varied needs for funds upon the death of an individual, and all must be taken into account to arrive at a proper amount of insurance. For simplicity, some authorities recommend a good rule of thumb to be five times your annual income. Our staff can talk with you about your needs and goals, and illustrate how each item translates into a given amount of funds needed at the time of death.

Disability Insurance

How long could you sustain your present lifestyle if your paycheck stopped? Most people can probably handle six months or less. Everyone insures their homes and their vehicles, but forget to insure their paychecks. Yet, without a paycheck, homes, vehicles and other basic elements of living become unaffordable. Likewise, many Americans remember to buy life insurance to provide for their loved ones in the event of death, but they forget to secure disability insurance to help pay the bills in the event of disability.

Whether you’re in blue collar, white collar or professional services, The Summit Group of Oregon has contracted with the most competitive and stable carriers to facilitate your specific disability income needs.

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