Contracting & Bonding

2-cont-bondContracting & Bonding

The Problem

Contractors are faced with many challenges today. The downturn in the economy has limited the number of construction projects, thereby increasing competition and reducing profit. Insurance carriers are getting in and out of the construction industry, causing many contractors to search for new coverage each and every year. Our legal system has created an environment forcing contractors to add to their policies wording that everyone needs (but not every carrier supplies) such as “Primary and Noncontributory”, “Blanket Contractual”, and “Waiver of Subrogation.” Endorsements like these are not only at times difficult to find, but can be expensive to add to your policy.

The Solution

The Summit Group of Oregon stays on top of the construction industry’s insurance and bonding needs by staying abreast of the trials of the contractor. We develop creative solutions to help bridge the gaps in coverage, minimize your exposure, and keep costs in line by aligning ourselves with stable insurance carriers that are committed to the construction industry. Our Commercial Insurance staff has experience working with all sizes and types of contractors. Whether you are a General Contractor or a Specialty Contractor, we can strategically help you develop your insurance program by providing you a single resource for your construction insurance and bonding needs.

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